Book Challenge: Flip that book

I managed to get through one of these books! Dying to get through the rest. How about you guys? See any here that you’ve read and liked?.

Also, when I edited this picture, the color of my skin looked weird. It was the lighting, so it made my thumb look much lighter than the rest of my hand. I didn’t realize this until after the shot. 😩 But what can you do? It’s #forbookstagram. 


I hope you guys had a great holiday (Labor Day in the US and Canada), if it’s not a holiday, I hope your Monday has been fantastic! We stopped in at a used bookstore (What a surprise! 😂) and had an early dinner at Stacked. I tried to bookstagram there, but it didn’t work out. You can see it on my Story. 😅


#grimdragon #flipthatbook
Book Tag:

#flipthatbook #bookishflip from my dear friend Serena @girl_of_books_and_torchlight


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