Writer life: Interview and Tools

Do you guys know Christine @weereader? She’s got a fantastic bookstagram feed and is an aspiring writer. She’s also got a great blog and she does a series every weekend featuring a new writer. And guess what? I was featured over the weekend! 😁 .

Definitely check out Christine’s profile and if you would be so kind to check out my interview, that would be amazing! (I’ve reposted the interview here too.)


Featured below is my #writersbulletjournal in my Leuchtturm 1917 @leuchtturm1917. I finished the first one in July, but I still refer to it because it has some of my collections. One that pretty much helped me stay on track is my Novel log. I had been keeping a daily and monthly record of my word counts, but I got this idea from Kim @tinyrayofsunshine. She used it for a word count for her blog for the year and I modified it for my novel. It’s been so helpful to see my progress this way. 


In my new LT1917, featured is a modified version of the monthly overview. I’ve changed the monthly overview into a tracker, so I can track the type of writing I’m doing each day and then on the right, make notes of what I did. I’m planning to change this for October since I feel like this layout isn’t helping my current phase of writing. My goal is to be finished with my first draft this month, so I will be going from writing to a revising/editing phase. I will be setting new goals for that and will need to use a different set-up.


Featured here also is my gorgeous notebook cover from @lunabluebags. You may have seen it in other posts. I’m using it as a cover for my Midori MD A5 grid notebook which I use for personal journaling and I LOVE it. Karen, owner of Luna Blue Bags, is so talented and her products are handmade and gorgeous. I have a matching pen pouch in the same print and I’m just enamored by both. Definitely give her page and Etsy shop a look!


I know there are other writers out there! Sound off in the comments because I’d love to meet other writers here. Also, if there’s anything you’d like to know about my #writersbulletjournal, check out this tag, or leave a comment. I’d love to answer any questions you might have.


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