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Book Challenge: Debut book by a favorite author

For #grimdragon Debut Books by Favorite Authors–An Ember in the Ashes is one of my favorite books and Sabaa Tahir is one of my favorite authors. I love her world building and writing style. I also love her characters Elias Veturius and Laia. I was lucky to have met her last year and she’s so nice! I highly recommend her books!

For #squeakybookishlibrary 💃🏼This emoji cracks me up!! Whenever I see it, I think of sass and grace. Helene Aquila is a graceful warrior. Izzi is a sassy kitchen girl. 

For #watermelanerdsfebruary “The circus arrives without warning.” What would your circus act be? Hmm. Taming the effrits from AEITA! 

For #bibliophilelove2017 Books and Maps! Here’s a map of The Empire from AEITA that I got at a signing for ATATN.  

For #bookishfriendsfeb17 Prince–Marcus Farrar became A Very Important Person (Trying not to spoil it), but let’s be honest, if we’re talking Prince in the dreamy, sighing way, Elias Veturius is it! 

So if you saw my InstaStory, you saw that my umbrella lights for photography came in. They are amazing. 😁 This is my first picture using the umbrella lights and I’m pleased with the final take. It’s changed my bookstagramming life! It rained today and I was like BRING IT! I’ve got UMBRELLAS… umbrella lights. I was going to take more pictures tonight but I’m solo parenting this weekend. (Husband got invited to go to the Super Bowl.) But I’m exhausted! 😩 Mad respect for single parents out there who do this full time! 


What are your plans this weekend? If you use lighting for your pictures, what kind do you use? 

Book Challenge: A book you’ve been trying to get others to read

For #squeakybookishlibrary Books you’ve been trying to get friends to read! Another one of my favorite books this year was An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir @sabaatahir. So far I got my sister and my good friend to read it. My husband has it on his TBR and says he’ll read it soon. (He finished the Wheel of Time series and was going through a book slump.) .

What I really love about this story is how it starts off as Laia trying to get her brother Darin back. She’s never had to face anything on her own and so she’s faced with challenges that she perseveres through so she can save her brother. Intertwined with Laia’s story is also Elias’s. He has been groomed for a role that he hates and plans to runaway from, but instead of running away, he’s forced to look at who he’s supposed to be and who he actually is. Laia and Elias’s paths cross and they become a source of strength for the other in different ways, but most importantly, they take charge of their destiny.


I could go on and on about this book! The second book A Torch Against the Night came out just a couple of months ago and it was also amazing! If you ever get the chance to listen to the audio books, I highly recommend them. The voice actors are really good especially the one for Elias. He’s exactly how imagine how Elias would sound! 


How’s your Monday going so far? I’m a little tired from staying up late writing. 😁 I finished rereading my WIP progress so far last night and got so fired up from it that I started writing again! After several months of not writing, it felt really good getting back to it! I was able to get just over 500 words in which finished up the chapter I was working on. A slow start for me (I usually average between 1k-2k+ words during a writing session), but after months of no writing, I’ll take it! I’m desperate to get back to writing but I have to adult! 😩😁 Hope You’re having a great day so far! 


Book Challenge: Favorite Fictional Family and Book Consistently Recommended 

I wasn’t sure about this picture, but I think it’s starting to grow on me. I had an easier time with an autumn theme, so this was a challenge for me! You all make holiday bookstagramming look so easy!.

For #livelaughbemerryandbright Favorite fictional family, I really miss the ladies of 300 Fox Way! I loved the way Maggie Stiefvater captured their relationships.


For #squeakybookishlibrary “I made my family disappear?” If I could only change the ending…for those of you who’ve read A Torch Against the Night, YOU UNDERSTAND. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but I just wish there was more Elias and Laia ❤️ and less, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES tension! 😳


For #grimdragon Jingle your bells! A book you consistently recommend…Uprooted by Naomi Novik was one of my favorite books last year. If you love elemental magic, literary style writing, and fairy tale retellings, I highly recommend this story! Also of course, The Raven Cycle, A Darker Shade of Magic series, and An Ember in the Ashes!


#winterwonderlandbooks16 Frozen: white and blue books

#watermelanerdsdecember “Lumos!” Book and Candle 

#lilbookishdecember Deck the halls! Christmas/holiday/winter colors 


I hope you all are having a great weekend so far? What are your plans for Saturday night? My family has been pretty much marathoning the old school Disney movies! Last night, we watched Beauty and the Beast. It was the first time my daughter watched it and she seemed to like it, but I think my four year old son enjoyed it more! The older kids were a bit reluctant at first, but eventually they were like 😳 while watching! 😆 Today we watched Snow White and Alice in Wonderland. My four year old was the only one who didn’t enjoy it. 😅 Hope you’re all having a great weekend so far!


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Book Challenge: Serious Bookhangover

For #boookstagramchallenge16, You put a spell on me—Serious book hangover! Do you find it unfair that after you finish an incredible story, real life has the nerve to go on as if nothing happened? Like you didn’t just suffer trauma at the hands of a ninja author? It’s incredibly unfair that real life expects us to act like nothing happened when inside all the feels have been ripped to shreds. I suppose we can’t blame authors though because true booknerds will willingly subject themselves to the same trauma again and again! But we go back for more because we can’t resist a fantastic story. .

Here are a few of the books that have caused me pain, but I loved every minute of it. If you’ve read all or even just one of these, YOU UNDERSTAND. From the Commandant, to Jael, to the Queen of the Wood, to Voldemort, each and every one of these villains have caused so much torment and despair and I would keep going back for more! These are villains I loved to hate! And the heroes and heroines? Elias/Laia, Karou/Akiva, Neiska/the Dragon, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione—so much love for these characters. Their joy and heartache were mine too! I highly recommend these books, but fair warning in advance—you will suffer book hangover like whoa. 😭


Also for #lilbookishoctober It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! Small pumpkins are just as cute, right? and also for #nerdybookchallenge Yellow.


I’m SO glad it’s Friday and Halloween on Monday! 🙌🏽 What are you all up to this weekend? Library and birthday dinner with a friend Saturday and Halloween party Sunday for me! 


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Book Challenge: Favorite Villain

I thought Monday was hard! Today was hard, but a busy kind of hard. I got a lot done, but I’m so tired!! 😧 I can’t wait for the weekend!.

For #boookstagramchallenge16, “By pricking of thumb, something wicked this way comes.” Favorite Villian. Oooh. There are so many fantastic villains in The Ember in the Ashes series! There’s Keris Veturius and Marcus Farrar and a surprising one in A Torch Against the Night, that it’s hard to choose just one! (You all know I’m bad at this!) But if I HAD to choose, I’d pick Keris, The Commandant. She’s so twisted and cruel! There are other things that she’s done that I’m just 😳😡😭, but I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t read this series yet (WHICH YOU SHOULD). Anyone else going through Elias withdrawals? @abibliophilesbookmark @_livelaughread @bookish_mai? I think I’ll go play the audio and listen to my favorite Elias parts. 😏


This gorgeous print “You don’t have to be ruled by fate. You can choose freedom.” is from @nerdy.post for the Supernatural post! I love this show and I think Alexis did such gorgeous work hand lettering this quote and also picking a quote that represents the show so well, but also An Ember in the Ashes too! Laia, Elias, and Helene are all connected, but their fates all take different paths. They all want freedom, but the cost is very high! Next month’s fandom theme is Outlander and you don’t want to miss it! Check out these following ladies for a 10% discount on your first post! @literaryllama @_livelaughread @littlebookwormig They have gorgeous accounts and are so nice!



#bookboyfriend from the sweet @samreadsalot. ELIAS VETURIUS except Brittney @abibliophilesbookmark might crush me for that.

#bookishillustrations from the incredible Abi @thesqueakycupboard. I got this map of the Empire at Sabaa Tahir’s @sabaatahir’s book signing at the The Grove. It’s gorgeous!

Offerings to my idols

In case you missed it, last Saturday, I went to a book signing for Sabaa Tahir @sabaatahir who was being interviewed by Nicola Yoon @nicolayoon at Barnes and Noble at The Grove. It was an amazing experience and I’m still wrapping my head around it. .

I like to bring authors a small gift when I can. I had decided to make a copy of the found poem I created for Sabaa’s #torchstagram contest that I entered and was selected as a winner. (Btw, my signed Torch copy came yesterday and I put it up on my Story.) I didn’t want to make Nicola feel left out, so I made one for her based off of her book Everything, Everything. They both seemed to like it and said they were going to put it up in their offices. 😨😳😭 Okay. So I’m pretty much ruined for the rest of the year. 


Lettering was done with my favorite lettering pens Pentel Touch Pens and the border was done with the Artist’s Loft water color paint palette from Michael’s. I tried to coordinate the ink and watercolors to match their covers. 


Even though I’m new to lettering, I didn’t hate these and I’m so glad the authors liked them!


Anyone else bring offerings to their idols? If so, what do you guys bring? If not, you can ask me about how nonchalant I was about giving these to them, i.e. how much I tried not to squeal and sob when they said they liked the poems. 


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Post author signing hangover

Is there such a thing as book signing hang over? Seriously. Like you had such a good time meeting authors and book nerds that the next day is so hard to adult? .

In case you missed it, last night I attended the book signing for Sabaa Tahir @sabaatahir who was interviewed by Nicola Yoon @niciolayoon at the incredible Barnes and Noble at the Grove. I’m still giddy from the event! If you’re interested to see what happened, I posted on my story last night all the things. I’d say I’m sorry for spamming so much but I’m not. 😂


One of the questions asked last night was what would be your characters’ guilty pleasure shows? Sabaa said Laia would like any of the survivor type shows. Helene would like The Great British Bake Off, but would hate that she does and not want anyone to know. Elias would like The Bachelor. He’d find it fascinating. 😂


It’s become a tradition for me to bring my Lunar Chronicles tote from Owlcrate @owlcrate to every author event. I always get compliments about it and it’s a great conversation starter. I was going to add these buttons that are also from Owlcrate but I couldn’t bring myself to pierce the bag. I’m such a wimp. 😂


Trying to play catch up today. I’ll announce the winner to my washi tape giveaway later today. Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday!!