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Book Challenge: The hype is real!

Wednesday🐪🐪🐪! Anyone else feel like it’s the weekend but then you realize, oh hey, it’s not. 😩 .

For today’s #grimdragon Challenge, the prompt is The hype is real! I’m trash for Laini Taylor and I loved the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series so much. I was excited to hear that Laini Taylor was coming out with a new series but I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure if Strange the Dreamer would be as good as DoSaB. I love Karou and Akiva. I thought, how can Laini Taylor top them?


Friends, I should not have doubted my Queen! It was so good to be immersed in her words again in a new world with new characters. Lazlo and Sarai has made it on to my list of favorite OTPs and the writing! 😍 Laini Taylor is a skillful word smith and if you like lyrical writing, you’ll love her books. 


I highly recommend Laini Taylor! If you read it, what did you think? What are some books you’ve read that lived up to the hype? 


Also, I’ve included a picture and a couple of videos of that time I met Laini Taylor at the LA Times Book Festival and died. One video is of me giving the letter I wrote to her and the other is of me talking to her and her agent about my book. One of the greatest moments of my life! 




Going to the LA Times Festival of Books!

Today I’ll be attending the LA Times Festival of Books! Laini Taylor @lainitaylor is in one of the panels along with Marie Lu, Victoria Aveyard, and Kiersten White. Pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity so I could not pass it up. 


If you’ve watched my story, you pretty much heard how much I was fangirling over meeting Laini Taylor. I stayed up until 3am writing her a letter because I know I’ll be an incoherent mess when I meet here. I plan to spam my Story of today’s events so if you’re into watching awkward fangirling, please enjoy! And apologies in advance for pretty much not keeping it cool–though I never claimed to be! 😆


Featured are my writing inspiration canvases. I plan to load it up with more signatures today! 


Book Challenge: Worse Book Hangover

For #yabestof2016 Worst book hangover I just realized something. It’s been a long time since I’ve featured Laini Taylor’s @lainitaylor series Daughter of Smoke and Bone. This is definitely one of my all time favorite series! I read it earlier this year and it was amazing. I love the story and the characters so much. If you like urban dystopian angel stories, you’ll love this!.

I mentioned how much I enjoyed the story and characters, but what got me in such a book hangover was Laini Taylor’s writing especially the way she wove together angel and chimera folklore into the contemporary setting. At first, you think you should be rooting for the angels, but as you become more entrenched in the story, you can’t help sympathizing with the chimera. I love how she turned the trope of “angels are the good guys” onto its head. 


I hope you give this series a chance! Fair warning though: I really enjoyed the first book, but things really pick up in the second and third books, so keep reading! It’s such a fantastic series to get lost in! I can’t wait for her new book Strange the Dreamer out next year. I really need more Laini Taylor in my life!


Will I ever catch up on challenges? 😩😆 It’s been that kind of Monday where I just want a mug of tea, a stack of books, and a fluffy blanket to crawl under for the rest of the night. It’s just been a tiring day, but I’ve got some menu planning to do and my WIP muse is seriously calling me to get back to writing. Not that I’m complaining. I just wish I had more time! What are you up to? 


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Book Challenge: Serious Bookhangover

For #boookstagramchallenge16, You put a spell on me—Serious book hangover! Do you find it unfair that after you finish an incredible story, real life has the nerve to go on as if nothing happened? Like you didn’t just suffer trauma at the hands of a ninja author? It’s incredibly unfair that real life expects us to act like nothing happened when inside all the feels have been ripped to shreds. I suppose we can’t blame authors though because true booknerds will willingly subject themselves to the same trauma again and again! But we go back for more because we can’t resist a fantastic story. .

Here are a few of the books that have caused me pain, but I loved every minute of it. If you’ve read all or even just one of these, YOU UNDERSTAND. From the Commandant, to Jael, to the Queen of the Wood, to Voldemort, each and every one of these villains have caused so much torment and despair and I would keep going back for more! These are villains I loved to hate! And the heroes and heroines? Elias/Laia, Karou/Akiva, Neiska/the Dragon, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione—so much love for these characters. Their joy and heartache were mine too! I highly recommend these books, but fair warning in advance—you will suffer book hangover like whoa. 😭


Also for #lilbookishoctober It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! Small pumpkins are just as cute, right? and also for #nerdybookchallenge Yellow.


I’m SO glad it’s Friday and Halloween on Monday! 🙌🏽 What are you all up to this weekend? Library and birthday dinner with a friend Saturday and Halloween party Sunday for me! 


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Book Challenge: Like this? Read that. 

For #grimdragon, Bad ass females, Penryn from Angelfall and Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone. If you love post apocalyptic/dystopian stories, you’ll love these! Penryn and Karou are some of my favorite bad ass female heroines. .

Penryn from Angelfall was trained from a young age in self defense which she didn’t understand why her mother had her trained until the angels attacked the world. Her younger sister is kidnapped by a vengeful angel and Penryn is determined to get her sister back—by capturing another angel, Raffe, and forcing him to show her the way to their hideout. Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone is an art student who, in her spare time, draws about a particular group of monsters. The other students enjoy the stories and entertainment, but they’re not just stories. The monsters in Karou’s stories are real, also known as Chimera and who happen to be her family. Her family is threatened when angels come looking for them and Karou is forced to protect and eventually face the truth about who she is and her family—are the chimera the villains? Or are the angels?


If you liked Daughter of Smoke and Bone, you’ll enjoy Angel Fall and vice versa. They’re both fantastic urban/angel stories full of action and strong characters. #livelaughbooksoctober Liked this? Read this and Under-hyped books. 


How’s everyone’s week so far? I’ve been productive in the early part of the week and hoping to relax a little for the rest of the week. Yay for bullet journaling! 


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Book Challenge: Best Sequel, More Books, All the Feels

You guys are going to get so tired of me talking about Laini Taylor @lainitaylor, but honestly, I love this series so much!•

So this is for #sammyreadsjuly16 Best Sequel and #julyfantasychallenge Please write another book in this series. Daughter of Smoke and Bone was an excellent story. It set-up the history between the two main characters Karou and Akiva. It seems like your typical YA urban fantasy with angels and chimera (Hahah. Okay. Not so typical!), but when you get to the end, it changes and it’s like OMG WHUUT JUST HAPPENED. Then when you start the second book Days of Blood and Starlight, just hand over your soul to Laini Taylor because that book will own you. Eating, personal hygiene, and social interaction will be low on your priorities because you will not be able to tear yourself away from the words and characters created by Laini Taylor. I don’t want spoil it, but I will say the second book Days of Blood and Starlight is darker, bloodier (hence the title), and sugar honey iced tea gets real! (Thanks @goldenleaf for the kid friendly swears!) This is where the conflict between angels and chimera really take off and it carries all the way through book three Dreams of Gods and Monsters. 

I know there’s a novella Night of Cake and Puppets that center around the secondary characters Suze and Nick. I love them. Don’t get me wrong. I love how they were true friends to Karou BUT can a fangirl get more of Karou and Akiva? Right?! Also I would give up a donut to have more of another couple, whom I realized I might spoil if I mention their names, but if you’ve read the books all I will say is “We haven’t been introduced.” My fangirl heart is going into palpitations just thinking of the awkward sweetness in that chapter (from book 3, chapter 77). YES PLEASE MOAR OF THIS. I could read another book about this couple!

If you haven’t read this series yet, PLEASE for the love of all the angels and chimera, go read it now. Then when you’re done, come back here so we can have all the feels. And if you have read this series, did you die? I nearly did because Laini Taylor totally slays.

This is also for #livelaughbooksjuly “All the feels”. 

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

I had Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor @lainitaylor on my TBR for the longest time. I knew I should read it, but it kept getting pushed back. Then when I met Sabaa Tahir @sabaatahir earlier this year, she was like YOU HAVE TO READ IT. Sabaa actually didn’t say it that way, but that’s how I heard it. I’m sorry I didn’t read this series sooner! 
YOU GUYS. This series. These books. I can’t even describe it. How? How is Laini Taylor so amazing? The characters are so dynamic and the world building is just so well thought out. 
I finished the last book Dreams of Gods and Monsters last week and I’m still thinking about these characters! As the series unfolds, you meet other characters and it becomes more than just Karou and Akiva’s story. It becomes the battle for Eretz and eventually Earth. 
I can’t recommend this series enough! When you’ve read it and the words “wishbone”, “Ziri”, and “blanket” cause a Pavlovian response to burst into tears, come back here so we can commiserate. 
I am so excited for her new book coming out this fall Strange the Dreamer!