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Book Challenge: Day and Night

Yay! I’m caught up now on challenges. We went to visit one of the California Missions today–the San Gabriel Mission and we had so much fun! But OMG I nearly died because allergies! 😩 We’re having such beautiful weather here but it’s so hard to enjoy it when you feel like hiding in a bubble to avoid feeling like 😪. Anyway, who’s ready for Friday?🙋🏽.
For #thehamiltonedition “What’d I miss?”–Haven’t read yet: Can you guess the book just by its map? I’ll give you a minute. 💁🏽 Okay. It’s And I Darken by Kiersten White @authorkierstenwhite! I actually started this earlier this week and it’s so good! I’m also listening to the audio and its narrated by one of my favorite narrators Fiona Harding. Love her!
For #squeakybookishlibrary Day and Night: Radu is Lada’s brother and they are total night and day! Radu is gentle, bookish, and kind. Lada is aggressive, violent, and fierce. The dynamics between this brother and sister relationship is heartbreaking. I’m still reading, but I have a feeling as these two reach adolescence, their situation will get very tense for them and will threaten their relationship. 


I’m hoping to finish this before I see Kiersten White at the LA Times Book Festival this weekend. Anyone else going? Who’s read And I Darken? What did you think? No spoilers please!