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Bullet Journal Challenge: Intro, Favorite Tools, and Where I Plan 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about notebooks, washi tape, and pens! In addition to being a total book nerd, I’m a planner/bullet journal addict and all things stationery and pen related are the only other things besides books that I will just hand my money over for.😆.

I have two systems that I use for bullet journaling. For my real life mommy duties, I use a Traveler’s Notebook system that holds different inserts for tasks, budgeting, and meal planning. I treated myself to this Foxfix cover @thefoxyfix no.8 wide in Butterscotch for my birthday which is absolutely gorgeous! Being a mom of four and managing a household, carrying this beautiful notebook when I’m on the go has been a dream! For my reading and writing life, I use my Leuchtturm 1917 @leuchtturm1917 in Anthracite with squared pages. I love the creamy graph paper, bookmark ribbon, and elastic band to keep everything inside. I use it to track my WIP and help set up monthly goals for reading and writing. 


My favorite tools are my Papermate Inkjoy gel ink pens, Zig pens, and Pentel Touch brush tip pens. I also love adding color with washi tape and some stickers too. As for where I plan, I like planning in my office, but usually end up on my sofa with my planner stuff surrounding me. 😁


Once I get my December layouts set-up, I’ll share more of how I use these notebooks. Any other notebook and stationery addicts out there? I can’t wait to use my winter/Christmas washi tape and stickers. 


I hope you’re having a fantastic Sunday!
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Book Challenge: Happy Thanksgiving!

For #novemberbdaychallenge, Traditions: We usually spend Thanksgiving over at a family member’s house, but this year my oldest son woke up feeling sick. We’re at home, having a movie marathon. We’ve watched It’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! and Brother Bear. I’d never seen Brother Bear before and it’s really good and perfect for the holiday..

For #livelaughbooksnovember Bookish Feast Happy Thanksgiving and #grimdragon US Thanksgiving Book Feast Not exactly a bookish post, but I did want to share all the things I’m grateful for.  


For #lilbookishnovember, Bookstagrammers I’m thankful for! #watermelanerdsnovember I’m thankful for… #disneypotterchallenge Feast in the Great Hall I’m thankful for… and #planwithmechallenge Gratitude, I’m so grateful for such a great year. I’ve had a great year with my family and I’m close to reaching my goals as a writer. I also never thought starting an Instagram account and joining bookstagram and the planner communities would have such an impact on my life! I’m so grateful for all the friends I’ve made here—book, planner, and stationery addicts. It’s been so nice talking about books and geeking out about notebooks and pens, but most of all, it’s been wonderful finding friends who are so kind and supportive. Pictured are all the notes, letters, and some gifts I’ve received from friends through Instagram. I’m so grateful that I found you all!


For #lilbookishnovember Happy Thanksgiving! and #inkinthenovember Happy American Thanksgiving! If you’re in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re all having a great day with food and family! If you don’t celebrate, I hope you’re having a fabulous Thursday! One more day until the weekend. ❤️😊

Bullet Journal Challenge: Everday and Tracking

One of my go-to layouts in my #writersbulletjournal is my #currentreads tracker. My daily goal for reading is to read at least twenty minutes a day. My monthly goal is to read 3-4 books a month. My goal for the year was 24 books. I started using this layout in January and I actually surpassed my goals in April! 🙌🏽 I never thought I’d get to read this much! I’m a stay-at-home and an aspiring writer, but reading has always been important to me. It benefits me both as a person and a writer, so I made a commitment to myself to read daily. I’ll admit, sometimes I meet just the twenty minutes. Sometimes I don’t and sometimes I go way past twenty minutes. .

There’s another part to my reading tracker that’s not featured and it’s called my Genre Tracker. In addition to reading every day, I also wanted to make sure that I read outside my comfort zone. I listed all the genres that I wanted to try this year and each month, I target a genre that I want to tackle. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t accomplished this goal. 😅Fantasy, I can’t quit you! 😩


For writing, I’m not doing Nano, but instead I’m dedicating this month to rereading my draft to build up momentum again for the ending. I got close to the ending a couple of months ago (65k+ words), but I got discouraged because the story was going in a direction I had not imagined. For a planner girl like me, it was really hard coming to terms with the fact that I just had to let the story tell itself. So, this month my goal is to read 5 chapters a week of my WIP. I wrote on my WIP calendar which chapters I should be reading each week. Then I just mark on the day which chapter was read and make notes in my revision notebook.


Featured also are my #currentreads at the moment. I’m enjoying this TBR SO much and having a blast buddy reading with Vicky @zoetzure, Natasha @shotmeinthebook and Syd @deertales!


Interested in seeing more examples of my reading tracker? Check out my tag #jennfscurrentreadstracker. 


#planwithmechallenge Everyday and Tracking 

Bullet Journal Challenge: November and To Do

I love when I’ve finished one month in my notebooks and I’m ready to start a new month. For November, I’m trying something new in my #writersbulletjournal which is the Leuchtturm 1917 @leuchtturm1917. Instead of a monthly tracker to track my reading and writing activity, I switched to the traditional monthly overview. The monthly tracker was used to establish habits and once I did, it wasn’t useful anymore. I use the traditional monthly overview in my real life bullet journal (pictured in my Foxy fix @thefoxyfix Traveler’s Notebook) and decided to switch to that since it’s working so well for real life planning. My only modification in my #writersbulletjournal will be to use the notes/activity page to set weekly writing and reading goals..

In my Moleskine @moleskine_world, I use it for WIP notes and word counts. To save time, I’ve taped in monthly calendar pages that I use to log in my daily word count or writing activity. I’m rereading my first draft to refresh and also gain momentum for my story. I’ve set a goal to reread at least five chapters a night (I’ve written 29 chapters already). I’m pleased with my progress and rereading my draft has given me confidence in my story—I was reminded it was a pretty good one!


In the A4 notebook from Daiso @daiso_usa, I use it to list all the challenges I hope to participate for the month. I love using this notebook for challenges because it’s bigger than a regular notebook so it’s easier to see all the challenges at once.


How’s everyone’s weekend going so far? I’ve got mail to open, a trip to the library and some errands to run. I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend so far!



#planwithmechallenge November and To Do

Planner Challenge: My system(s)

How many of you are participating in Nanowrimo? I’m actually not participating in the official program, but instead I’m making a personal goal to finish my first draft. I’ve been quiet about my writing for the past few months. I’m barreling toward the end of my draft, but what I had envisioned for the ending isn’t matching up with how the story is going right now—which isn’t a bad thing. It’s taken me some time to come to terms with the fact that I’m the medium for the story I’m telling and I have to just let it tell itself.. 

Featured here are my planner systems and personal journal. For my #writersbulletjournal, I use a Leuchtturm 1917 @leuchtturm1917 grid notebook. My LT1917 is used for my reading and writing life to set goals, set up tasks, and also track my reading. I also use it for sorting social media posts. My Moleskine hardcover @moleskine_world is for my WIP notes and word counts. 


My other planner system is my Traveler’s Notebook (TN). My TN is used for my real life responsibilities such as mommy tasks and family events and appointments. I was able to take advantage of The Foxy Fix @thefoxyfix sale they were having on their Wanderlust wide TNs. This is the no. 8 in Butterscotch. The leather is absolutely gorgeous—soft with such a warm tan color. When I first got it, I was a little surprised at how big it was and realized I probably could’ve gone one size down. But I’m going to try it out and make it work because it’s just too beautiful. 


Also featured is my personal journal in a Midori A5 MD grid notebook. I love this size for journaling and the paper is fantastic. It stands up to watercolor paint, markers, and washi tape like a boss. My cover is made by the fabulous Karen over at @lunabluebags. 

I am a proud #notebookaddict. Sounds like a lot to keep track? Not really. Every notebook represents a different part of my personality so it’s easy for me to compartmentalize. Also, each personality needs her own space to work and create. It’s not for everyone, but I’ve found it works really well for me!



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Bullet Journal Challenge: My “why” 

If you’re new here, HELLO! Besides reading and writing, I’m a total planner girl! I started using a planner in college to try to keep up with assignments and tests. I continued using one when I was a teacher and eventually moved on to bullet journaling. I have a Leuchtturm 1917 @leuchtturm1917 notebook for my writing and reading life. I also use a Traveler’s Notebook for real life planning..

Both of these systems work so well for the different aspects of my character. I commend those who can keep it all in one place. I like clearly defined work areas. My writer self loves having the LT1917 which stays on my desk and comes out when I’m writing. My mommy self loves the portability of the TN and also having different inserts to organize appointments and other household items.


Pictured are some of my favorite tools: I’m loving the Papermate Inkjoy gel inks @papermate_inkjoys and of course washi tape. My current on deck choices are fall/Halloween style tapes. I found these particular styles at Target, Michaels, and Daiso. Also pictured is the Supernatural themed “Yesterday was Tuesday, right?” notepad from the September I love having notepads on hand to jot down tasks for later.


How’s your Saturday going? I checked out The Lightening Thief audiobook from the library and my older sons LOVE it. I’ve been playing it for them all morning and they do not want to do anything else, but listen! This day has been long in coming. I’m so glad I can share this series with them now.
#planwithmechallenge My “why” and Favorite Tools

Check out #jennfscurrentreadstracker for other posts about how I track my daily reading. 

Bullet Journal Challenge: Monthly Overview

For the #planwithmechallenge, Monthly overview, I decided to change the way I do my monthly. I had originally incorporated a tracker into my monthly overview to help keep track of my writing activities. When I first used it, it was really helpful in seeing what I was good at doing (social media updates and reading) and what I needed to do more of (writing and journaling). For the last two months I was trying to figure out how to make my monthly overview work better for me. I realized my needs had changed and I had to revise my monthly overview..

Instead of having a tracker in my monthly, I went back to basics and set up the traditional bullet journal monthly overview. What I want to do is set actionable goals this month to finish my first draft. In my notes/overview section, I plan to write down my goals there and keep notes on what I accomplished that week. I’m still keeping to my 1 hour a day of writing, but I’m going to add a word count goal for the week. Since it’s quantifiable, it’s given me something to shoot for (which I need to get on!). 


Washi tape is from Target and Michael’s. (The crows tape came in a Halloween set from Michael’s. It reminded me of Six of Crows!) Pen/make up pouch from @lunabluebags.


In case you missed it, I’m hosting the last and major washi tape flash giveaway from @pretty.packages giveaway. Check out the previous post for details. And this time, it’s INTERNATIONAL! Hurry because the giveaway closes on Thursday at midnight PST.

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