A book that surprised me!

“Like I wasn’t lazy lazy…but I still felt like the world was turning a bit too fast and I had to sit down a lot and get my bearings. Anyone relate? Or was that just me?”—from @sydneystrand, my writing role model who also happens to be my planner boss lady inspiration @the.adhd.planner.


The weekend was full of family plans and it all caught up with me on Monday. Susan expressed my feelings exactly—had to sit one out Monday by resting and finding my bearings! I’m fine now, but favoring a more easy going pace this week than last week’s frenzied dash. (Really trying to put self care first! #imtrying)


This book here is by an author I read for the first time last year. I read this book as part of a read along (that I didn’t finish in time to participate in the discussions but still finished nonetheless!) I was quite pleased at how much I enjoyed this story! It involves tragedy, a bit of mystery, and electricity! I also enjoyed this writer’s style—nostalgic at times, well-placed poignant moments, and a fine balance of mystery and terror. This author is often called the master of horror, but I wouldn’t call this story horror—mystery, thriller with really cool electricity?😏 Any guesses for the book and/author? (See the answer below in the tags.)


*sips tea* How is your week going? Tell me about a book that surprised you!


#revival #stephenking


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