Happy Halloween!

Oh! Hey! Hi! Happy Halloween! I hope you all had a great time! If you don’t celebrate Halloween, I hope Tuesday was awesome..

Checking in, but if I’m honest, I’m pretty pleased with how this shot turned out but I’ve had it for weeks and realized it would be great for Halloween. Featured here is the illustrated version of Prisoner of Azkaban and the SDCC exclusive Funko for Ocammy. It’s such a gorgeous piece and I realized how similar ocammy is to the illustrations of the hippogyrffs in this book. Occamy is looking on, curious to see a family resemblance.


I’ll update more soon. Rest assured things are going well. Just busy! Also, I’ve been reading too. I can’t wait to share.


What Halloween candy can you not refuse? If you don’t participate in Trick or Treat, what’s your favorite candy? I love Kit Kats! .

How are you?



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