Supernatural Funko Pops and The Demon’s Lexicon

Any Supernatural fans here? We’re long time fans but took a break when kids happened and we just started catching up on the show. We’re currently on season 8 and loving it but the feels! 😭I wish the Winchester boys could get a break!😢.

My SIL recommended The Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Reese Brennan because she said it was a lot like Supernatural. Two brothers whose father is dead and whose mother is crazy but who is also being hunted by demons hired by magicians? YES PLEASE. Sounds like I’d enjoy this a lot!


I may have also put this post together to show off my Dean and Sam Funkos. 😏 Dean came up as a deal on Amazon Prime Day for $8 so I said take my money and of course I had to get Sam too! Also featured are a bookmark, tattoos, and a Dean and Sam sticker from the Supernatural


Random fact: My son is named after Dean and my youngest was almost named Sam but we went with Sophie instead after Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle. #nerdparentsrepresent


Scroll through to see close ups of Sam and Dean and swag. Also, I’ve included the Goodreads summary for The Demon’s Lexicon in the last slide.


Anyone read this yet? Who’s your favorite Supernatural character?


Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend! Our date night for our anniversary turned out to be a family night that involved Funkos, books, and froyo which actually was a lot of fun. I managed to pick up some SDCC exclusive Funko Pops that I’m excited to share with you guys soon! (I can’t believe how many Funkos I bought this month.🙈)



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