Book friends are the best friends! Wonder Woman Anthology 

So here’s more on how awesome this book community is! I had posted on my Story on Instagram weeks ago that I was going to see the Wonder Woman movie and my friend Renee @bookishblissandbeauty chatted about the movie which lead to the comics and it turns out Renee is a fan and also quite the comic book reader! I was so happy to talk about Wonder Woman and her history with Renee and how comic books feel like they’re becoming more accessible–at least for me. My current favorites are Ms. Marvel and Saga because I can identify with the characters in these stories..

A few days later, I received a package from Renee with these comics that she thought I’d enjoy! I already had Squirrel Girl and Monstress on my TBR and so I was thrilled to see the first issues included here. I was also touched by the handmade card she included! I’m so grateful to have found you Renee!


After seeing the movie and talking with Renee, I found this Wonder Woman collection at Costco (Renee highly recommended the artist from this collection) and of course I also had to pick up some Wonder Woman Funkos too! I’m including a brief flip through of the graphic novel of you’re interested in getting a peak at the art.


I’m always looking for comic/graphic novel recommendations! Let me know in the comments some of your favorites! And if you’re not following Renee @bookishblissandbeauty, please visit her and give her a follow! She’s amazing and very sweet!


Hope you’re all have a fabulous Monday!



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