Monday Inspiration!

Happy Monday! I want to spread some inspiration because Monday. 😩 .

I’m so grateful to have found this community not just for the fact we’re all readers, but also for how creative everyone is! From candles, bookmarks, to temporary bookish tattoos–I love how people express their enthusiasm for the books we enjoy.


If you don’t know this about me, I’m a notebook addict! Creamy, thick paper that stands up to fountain pens? Gorgeous graph lines? A5 size? You are speaking my language! And if the cover has some type of bookish and/or writing design on the cover? Dead. I can not even handle it!


Do you guys know Hafsah? @hafsahfaizal She’s got a gorgeous feed and is the owner of Icey Designs. She’s got some gorgeous bookish candles and also notebooks! I had my eye on this particular notebook because as a writer, the quote speaks to me! My very dear friend and #booktwin Amy @ladyofthelibrary got it for me as a gift and I nearly cried because it was a surprise and it arrived at one of those times I was frustrated with writing my book!


Where am I going with this? If you don’t follow Hafsah on Twitter, you should remedy that situation immediately! She announced after years of writing her Arabian Fantasy book, she found an agent! I’m so thrilled for her and excited for her book! If you visit her Twitter, you can see her book aesthetics and friends, it’s amazing! Also, check out her “The Obligatory ‘How I Got my Agent Post’ ” at her blog, It’s so inspiring and gives me hope.


Hafsah, I’m so excited for you and I can’t wait to add your book to my shelves! Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉



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