July TBR 

Okay. Where did the weekend go? I swear it was here just a minute ago! Summer needs to slow down and stop rushing through the weekend!.

That’s when I realized I hadn’t posted my July TBR! 😅 The Emperor’s Blades, The Sun is also a Star, and Lord of Shadows are from June that I’m hoping to finish this month. All the rest are buddy reads! I knowww. I usually only do two buddy reads, three if I’m daring each month, but this month, I somehow agreed to seven. 😅 Maybe it was the allure of summer reading and the promise of more free time (I’m donkey laughing at myself for being so naive) that had me saying yes to all the buddy reads this month, but I love buddy reads and I’m enjoying these so far! (And just to clarify, these buddy reads are not happening all at the same time.) Featured is my reading tracker in bullet journal to help me track my reading. Scroll down to see a close up or check out the tag #jennfscurrentreadstracker on Instagram to see more. 


What’s on your TBR this month? What has been your favorite summer read so far?


My son’s 5th birthday is on Tuesday but we’ve been doing all the celebrating this weekend. Today we’re surprising the family to a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. My five year old and three year old have never been and have seen the commercials (Well played, Chuck E. Cheese. Well played.) What are your plans for today?



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