Words Deep in Blue by Cath Crowley 

When I read the synopsis for Words Deep in Blue by Cath Crowley @cathcrowleybooks, I was expecting a cute contemporary read. I got that and more! It’s a story about missed chances, dealing with loss, and friendship. I also love stories about childhood friends growing up to have feelings for each other, but something goes amiss, they lose touch, and they find each other again, but there’s a Pride and Prejudice vibe going on between them (I love Jane Austen! If you’re not familiar with P&P, it’s the hate turns into love trope!).

Another aspect that I loved about this story was that Henry’s family owns a used bookstore. They have a section called the Letter Library. People are welcome to use the books there to write notes in the books or leave hand written notes in certain books for others to pick up. It’s such a fantastic part of the story but becomes even more exciting when the characters use it themselves to write notes to each other. 


Childhood friends? Coming to terms with loss? Bookstores? Cute letters? Pride and Prejudice vibes? Pretty much the perfect recipe for a summer read for me. I included the Goodreads summary below


First day of summer, but it’s been summer vacation here for the past few days. We’re enjoying our time off but it’s quite an adjustment having everyone home! 😊


QOTD: What kind of stories do you like to read during the summer? 



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