Book Challenge: Violent Books

For #grimdragon Challenge, Violent books, Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire series pretty much wins this prompt imo. I read this series earlier this year and I’m still thinking about that ending! It was tragic, bananas, and pretty much had me questioning what I just read! But I enjoyed it mostly because of Jorg Ancrath. He is unapologetically ruthless and will double cross you without hesitation, but I could not stop myself from hoping he would succeed in his impossible quests. This was also my introduction into grimdark fantasy and it was quite an intro! .

Thank you to Holly @the_infinite_book_dragon and Corey @grimdark_dad for hosting this challenge and introducing me to books I would not have picked for myself! Check out their tag #grimdragon for more SFF recs and if you’re not following them, you definitely should! 


Saturday! I’m so glad it’s the weekend! Hope you’re having a great weekend so far! What books have read lately outside your usual genre? 



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