Book Challenge: Bookstagram made me do it! 

Happy Friday! I can not believe it’s Friday and it’s summer vacation! First day on vacation, we went to the library and went to the park. We’re off to a great start. I just hope I can keep up the momentum! 😁.

So confession: Before bookstagram, I had never heard of Funko Pops! I knowww. I don’t really have an excuse, if you count living in a cave. 😅 And I admit, I was resistant to getting them, rationalizing that I didn’t really need them and I didn’t have room. 😂 But then I got my first Funko from @owlcrate and it was Snape and eventually I also received Luna Lovegood too! I loved them! Then I won more in Juli’s Anniversary @riddlesteashoppe giveaway last year. One of them was Hermione (and she sent tea too!). And pretty much from there, I started collecting them but I’ve noticed the few that I have collected are becoming part of a really awesome girl squad. Hmm. Perhaps I should do a squad post? 🤔


Pictured are the House inspired Ravenclaw Wisdom and Gryffindor Bravery teas from @riddlesteashoppe which I highly recommend! Check out Rebecca @bibliosophy_ rep for her discount rep code! Thank you Juli for the Funkos and teas!


I hope you’re having a great Friday! What was something bookstagram made you do?


#grimdragon Bookstagram made me do it!
#livelaughbooksjune Fandom Friday



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