Book Challenge: The hype is real!

Wednesday🐪🐪🐪! Anyone else feel like it’s the weekend but then you realize, oh hey, it’s not. 😩 .

For today’s #grimdragon Challenge, the prompt is The hype is real! I’m trash for Laini Taylor and I loved the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series so much. I was excited to hear that Laini Taylor was coming out with a new series but I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure if Strange the Dreamer would be as good as DoSaB. I love Karou and Akiva. I thought, how can Laini Taylor top them?


Friends, I should not have doubted my Queen! It was so good to be immersed in her words again in a new world with new characters. Lazlo and Sarai has made it on to my list of favorite OTPs and the writing! 😍 Laini Taylor is a skillful word smith and if you like lyrical writing, you’ll love her books. 


I highly recommend Laini Taylor! If you read it, what did you think? What are some books you’ve read that lived up to the hype? 


Also, I’ve included a picture and a couple of videos of that time I met Laini Taylor at the LA Times Book Festival and died. One video is of me giving the letter I wrote to her and the other is of me talking to her and her agent about my book. One of the greatest moments of my life! 




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