Book Challenge: Sentimental Favorite 

If you saw my previous post for the Tolkien Atlas, I mentioned that it was my first Word Cloud book. I always see them at Costco and I look longingly at them, but I pass them up because I vowed that my first Word Cloud book was going to be Pride and Prejudice—they’re always sold out of this one though. Of course that did not happen when I saw the Tolkien Atlas because it was just too gorgeous to pass up. Next day, I go to Target and I randomly find this World Cloud copy of Pride and Prejudice. There weren’t any other World Cloud books! It was destiny..

Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite book for a lot of reasons. I read it during my first year teaching which is the toughest year a teacher will have and during that year, my father passed away. Pride and Prejudice was laughter and love when I needed a reprieve from the struggles of my daily life at the time. Pride and Prejudice also got me into writing. I’d teach all day and then I’d come home and write fanfic about Elizabeth and Darcy! Haha. I never would have tried to write if it weren’t for Jane Austen. Pictured with my World Cloud edition of Pride and Prejudice is a picture of Jane Austen’s writing desk at Chawton Cottage in Hampshire, England. I was able to visit her cottage and see her desk in 2005 and it was an emotional moment because it became clear to me that I wanted to be a writer. I looked at her desk and thought, “Damn, Jane Austen wrote all six of her novels on this tiny desk in secret. If she can do it, I can do it too!”


What are some books that have sentimental meaning to you? Do you collect multiple copies of a particular title?

For #grimdragon Sentimental Favorite



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