Book Challenge: Dragons and Maps

Loooooook! I got this. It’s my first World Cloud Book! I wanted my first World Cloud Book to be a Jane Austen novel, but my Costco always sells out. But I think this is a great compromise..

 I did a flip through on my Story of the pages and saved the clip and if you missed it, you can swipe to the left to see it. And since this is supposed to be about dragons and maps, there’s also a shot of the gorgeous end papers which is a map of Middle Earth. I knowwww. 😭


Just got back from the signing with Julie Murphy, Megan Whalen Turner, Evelyn Skye, and Kimberly McCreight and I’m 💀. I have some posts on my Story about it and will be sharing more later when I’m not 😭😭😭. 

For #grimdragon Dragons and Maps!



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