MONDAYS. 😩 I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! If you saw my Stories, I had a fantastic Mother’s Day–out all by myself! It was glorious! I hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful day. .
Thank goodness for Kat’s @shopthepathtonarnia Kick Ass mug! I NEEDS IT to get this week started. After a delightful day of no one bothering me and shopping for fancy pens and new props, I’m suddenly faced with the realities of adulting–laundry, packing lunches, picking up toys, 😩. Thank goodness for audiobooks to help get through it! 

Speaking of audiobooks, I just finished Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and it was amazing. I love Benjamin Alire Saenz and I love Lin Manuel Miranda for narrating the audiobook. I’ll post more about it later this week, but I highly recommend this story! .

What are you up to today? Do you listen to audiobooks? What’s your favorite so far? 



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