April: Middle Earth @nerdy.post

This is a bit late, but I’m pretty sure no one will be spoiled for the April: Middle Earth @nerdy.post unboxing. 😁.

I can’t even tell you guys how much I loved this box. I don’t know how Alexis does it every time, but I’m so impressed with how much thought and how much detail goes into each item. From the selected quotes right down to the Gondor penny, Alexis really poured her heart into this box. 


I loved every item, but my favorites were the poster print of Gandalf’s very famous quote–I used to have it posted in my classroom when I was teaching. 😄 And, of course, the one washi tape to rule them all! It’s gold washi with the One ring runes printed on it. If you don’t know, I’m obsessed with washi tape and this was perfect! 


Please make sure to scroll down to see close-ups and the flip sides of the bookmarks. Everything was stunning! 


Also, the theme for May is MAAS! You don’t want to miss it! Check out my girl Kori @_livelaughread for a discount code on your first box! 



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