Book Challenge: Worthy Author Follow-Ups

It’s Wednesday and I’m almost recovered from Y’all West. I seriously need to condition for book festivals next year! I had such a fun time, but I nearly died! .

For #grimdragon Worthy Author Follow-ups: Rick Riordan! Friends, if you haven’t read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, for the love of Zeus, please do! Then read The Heroes of Olympus series and then you can start this one! The Trials of Apollo is a new series where the god Apollo is sent down to earth in mortal form as punishment for things in the previous books. Apollo is arrogant and selfish (which is no surprise for a former god), but the limitations of being human has forced him to take a more deeper look into people’s personalities and his relationship with them. But, this has Rick Riordan’s trademark humor and combined with a former god’s personality–you’ll be laughing through the whole book!


The Dark Prophecy, book 2 in The Trials of Apollo was released Tuesday! 


Both of these were exclusive editions from Costco. 




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