Book Challenge: Guess that book

Okay. Wow. If you followed my stories on Instagram yesterday, you got to see my experience at the LA Times Book Festival and it was amazing! I met a lot of authors and they were all so nice and supportive when I told them I was an aspiring writer. My most memorable moment was meeting Laini Taylor! She took the time to chat with me after her signing and I pretty much have been like 💀😭 all day. .
For #grimdragon Guess the book: I also had a chance to meet the author of this series too! I love this author and I’m so excited for her new book coming out in September. I’m hoping to snag an ARC this weekend at Y’all West. Hint: this beautiful fanart by Grace Fong @fictograph shows the whole cast of characters from the series. The book is an exclusive edition given away at Y’all West last year. 
#thehamiltonedition “No one else was in the room where it happened.” –Behind the scenes: Also included is the BTS shot for this post. I prefer taking pictures on my desk. I get a lot of natural light from the windows. I also use a step stool to shoot my pictures. It’s the best way to get a wide shot that you can crop later for posting. 


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