Bookstagram tag: #booksnotbullying 

Day 12
When I taught middle school, my classroom was almost always open at lunch. Sometimes we’d talk about books. Sometimes they’d ask me about class. Mostly it was a place to hang out for them. During those times, I learned that these kids were passionate about something–band, soccer, Magic the Gathering, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Naruto, 1D–you get the idea, right? I’ve always been drawn to passionate people–I’ve learned a lot from them and even tried things I didn’t think I’d like and have been pleasantly surprised. It’s why I enjoyed teaching so much–the opportunity to engage with passionate people. 


Bookstagram is a lot like that–everyone is here because we share a common passion for reading and books. It’s where we can escape to when we need a place to be ourselves. 


And like all communities, people will have differing opinions and that’s okay. What’s not okay is shaming or disrespecting others when they don’t agree with you or if they like something different. What’s not okay is tearing others down in anger or frustration. Whenever I heard an unkind word said to another student in my presence, I would say, “Is that something you’d say to my face?” The answer was always no. My response was always, “Then you shouldn’t be saying that to anyone.” It’s easy to hide behind a screen, but please consider, if whatever you’re going to say isn’t something you’d say to the person if they were standing in front of you, then you shouldn’t say it.

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Bookmark is from Amy’s @ladyofthelibrary daughter. ❤

For #grimdragon Behind the Scenes: If you swipe to the right, you’ll see the stages of taking this shot: the flatlay, the shot unedited, and my daughter “helping”. 

For #watermelanerdsapril Outer Space: Gemina!! 

For #squeakybookishlibrary Laugh and cry: Daughter of Smoke and Bone and A Torch Against the Night–but mostly crying. 

For #thehamiltonedition “How lucky we are to be alive right now.” Favorite Time Period: Jane Austen’s time–the Regency Period! 


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