Book Challenge: Diverse Books/Favorite Book This Year So Far

Okay. I know I get excited when talking about books, but the hype is real with these. If you haven’t read Percy Jackson and the Olympians or The Heroes of Olympus series, YOU NEED THESE BOOKS IN YOUR LIFE. I did a reread with my kids with PJO and we started reading THOO and I can’t tell you how much we’ve been enjoying them. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for relatable characters, lots of adventure, and humor—Rick Riordan @rickriordan has a talent for capturing the humor of this age group..

For #watermelanerdsapril Diverse Books! YES. So much diversity! What I love about the diversity in these books is that they also have significant connections to the characters’ history and they also add depth to the story. Piper is a child of Aphrodite, but she’s also part Cherokee. I love how her background, both the godly side and Cherokee side help shape her character growth and help the story develop. There are so many more characters who represent diversity too.

For #grimdragon Favorite Books of the Year So Far! I have enjoyed these books so much! But if I had to pick a favorite of all, which is nearly impossible, I think House of Hades is my favorite Book 4. Because Nico DeAngelo! 🖤

For #squeakybookishlibrary Real and fake—Hazel Levesque! She’s a child of Pluto who has also won the favor of Hecate. She can manipulate the Mist—the magic that helps to disguise the monsters and demigods from the mortals. She has incredible scenes in House of Hades where her skill in manipulating the Mist and getting their enemies to believe what they see has helped to save the other characters!
For #thehamiltonedition “I will never be satisfied.” Books you want more of—I’m so sad we’re almost done with this series! My kids have really enjoyed them and I’ve enjoyed making memories with them too. I really don’t want it to end. I’m going to miss these characters!


I hope your week is going well. Our landlords are having our patio redone due to termites. Yay! The workers like to work during nap time. 🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s all good though. It’ll be done before Spring Break and ready for the summer. Also, I’ve been reading Jessica Cluess’s A Shadow Bright and Burning with my girl Jenn @a_tad_bit_bookish. I’m really enjoying it so far! 


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