Book Challenge: The Night Court

It’s finally Friday and I’m SO ready for the weekend! I hope you all have awesome plans so I can live vicariously through you! Me? Chores. πŸ˜‘So yeah, please have all the fun!!.

For #thehamiltonedition Underrated Character: So if you haven’t seen on my Story, I finished ACOMAF the other night and HOW ARE YOU ALL STILL ALIVE AFTER A YEAR? 😭 But Nesta though!! Totally underrated and I am eager to see what will happen to Nesta in ACOWAR. 

For #squeakybookishlibrary Love and Hate: Aside from obvious reasons, I both loved this book because it justified my crush on Rhysand from ACOTAR, but hated how it pretty much left me like 😨😨😨. THAT ENDING. WHY THO. 

For #watermelanerdsapril Night Court: I just realized something, AVERT YOUR EYES BECAUSE SPOILERS. Does anyone know what Feyre’s new tattoo looks like? You know the one.😳 

This gorgeous print is by the lovely Brittney @herbookishthings. Link to her Etsy shop is in her bio! Check out my girl Hailee @haibooklovers for a discount code for Brittney’s shop!


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