April Current Reads

Is it Friday yet? 😳 How’s your week going? We’re chomping at the bit for Spring Break here. My family has one more week of school and we can’t wait! .

If you saw my Story earlier this week, I shared my TBR pile for books to read before two book festivals at the end of this month. This is about a quarter of it! 😰 It’s ambitious but I’m determined! Any you see here that you’ve read? Let me know in the comments but no spoilers please! 


For #watermelanerdsapril Favorite Author! Roshani Chokshi is fast becoming one of my favorite authors! I loved TSTQ and ACOW has been fantastic so far! I can’t wait to meet her at Y’all West. 


For #squeakybookishlibrary Ally and Enemy! Gauri and Vikram are perfect for this! If you love the troupe where the main characters start off hating each other, become friends, and eventually…well, I haven’t gotten that far in the book, but my fingers are crossed! 🀞🏽


For #thehamiltonedition Anticipated Releases, ACOW was one of my most anticipated releases this year!


My Shh…I’m reading bookmark is made by the wonderful Mary @markedbymary. 


This is my entry for the #bookoutletamreading giveaway for a $50 gift card to @bookoutlet. If you haven’t tried Book Outlet, I highly recommend it. You’ll love me (or hate me) for sharing the awesomeness that is discounted books from Book Outlet! Check out giveaway details on their profile. Ends Friday, 10 am EST. 



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