February Writing and Reading Wrap-up

How are you all doing? I can’t believe it’s already March! Seriously. Where is this year going? Didn’t we just celebrate the new year? Anyway, I hope you’re all doing well and that you’ve read some fantastic books and have continued to be awesome..

If you’re thinking, “It’s been a while since Jenn posted”, you’d be correct! It’s been nearly a month actually! But, I have been posting regularly on my Story, so if you have been watching them, then you’ve seen that I’ve been busy at work with my WIP and I’ve been reading books too. Long story short, I finally decided to just get out of my own way and just write. I had been stuck for a couple of months and when I decided that I was just going to sit in front of my laptop and just write whatever came to mind, low and behold, my story came out! Like I could not type fast enough to get it all out. .

The quick and the dirty: My February word count was 50+k words. My reading stats during the month: 6 novels and 4 manga series. .

I wish I could say that I finished my draft, but I didn’t. I’m actually really close. March is going to be my month to finish it. At least, that’s my goal. Reading wise this month, I’m involved in four buddy reads and I’m also reading a few other novels on my own.


I can’t say that I’ll be back to regular posting. I wish I could! I do miss it, but I’m really committed to finishing my draft. So, I will post here and there. Mostly about my writing progress and also about what I’m reading. I will be posting regularly on my Story, so keep an eye out for those to see what I’m up to. I also check my DMs regularly, so if you want to just drop a message and chat, don’t hesitate! If you’d also like to follow my personal account, you can find me at @jennsantucci10. .

Books I read last month were The Son of Neptune, Lady Midnight, All the Light we Cannot See, Prince of Thorns, The Thirteenth Tale, and Furthermore. What did you guys read? What was your favorite read of last month?


My awesome mug was from a giveaway I won from @notthepathtonarnia. Pen bag is from @lunabluebags. My discbound notebook is from the TUL system at Office Depot.


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