Book Challenge: Shadows in Literature 

I had this book on my TBR for the longest time! I actually received an ARC last year at Y’all West which I didn’t get a chance to read. 😅 Then I received a final copy in the June Owlcrate @owlcrate later in the year. It was a sign from the book gods for me to read This Savage Song. But I didn’t listen. I don’t know why. I love Victoria Schwab. She’s pretty much one of my role models on being a writer. I finally got that kick in the behind when my audio book request from the library became available last month. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity, so I made sure to listen and read it. (It took forever to get my request!).

The reason why I’m telling you this is because I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did and put off reading this book. I don’t know how Victoria Schwab does it, but she manages to create worlds where magic exists plausible (as in the ADSOM series), but in this case monsters. Set in a dystopian setting, Verity city is plagued with monsters. These monsters are created from the violence committed by humans. They are the embodiment of sins that move in the shadows. The two main characters August Flynn and Kate Harker are embroiled in this reality. I highly recommend this, but note that this is geared toward a YA audience. Her ADSOM fantasy series is adult, so the difference in storytelling style is noticeable, but still compelling.


Did you guys see on my InstaStory that there’s a preorder incentive for A Conjuring of Light (the third book in the ADSOM series). If you submit your receipt for a preorder of ACOL to MacMillan, you can get a book hugger for the series. I’m dying to get one!


Everyone in North City pays for protection from the monsters and wears a medallion to show they are under Harker’s protection. Medallion featured is the Allomantic alphabet from Mistborn by @badalijewelry. 


Anyone else a Victoria Schwab fan? Which of her books have you read? I think my next Victoria Schwab book will be Vicious.
#watermelanerdsfebruary “All beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.” Shadows in Literature (Groundhog day)



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