Book Challenge: I love…

For #bibliophilelove2017 I love…the bookstagram community! I’m so grateful to have found this place and also for the friends I have made here. I’m so glad to have an outlet to share my love for books and also share it with other people who completely understand! (You all know who you are!!) 😊.

For #squeakybookishlibrary 🦄—Unicorns remind me of my #booktwin Amy @ladyofthelibrary. Not just because it’s one of her favorite animals, but she’s got a beautiful soul and brings joy and light into your life. This Snape-Always key chain, made by @whenmelissareads, was given to me as a Friendaversary gift. It’s been one year since me and Amy became friends through bookstagram and I will always be grateful she found me! She’s been a constant source of support and positivity from BG prop advice to talking about what kind of shenanigans our kids are up to, she’s put up with my messaging and texting with patience and kindness. If you haven’t met Amy yet, make sure to stop by her account. 


Who’s a friend that after all this time, you’ll always be grateful for? Comment below to spread the love!


I’m a day late for these prompts. I didn’t post last night because I was helping my husband pack. He’s going away to attend the Super Bowl with a friend which means me, alone with our four kids. 😳 But my umbrella lights came in and FRIENDS it has changed my life! Check out my InstaStory to see them! Happy Friday! 



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