Bullet Journal Challenge: Hi! 

Besides being an avid reader, I’m a notebook and bullet journal enthusiast. I use bullet journaling for different parts of my personality: reader, writer, and mommy. Featured here are the notebook systems that help me stay organized and reach my goals. .

I’ve recently moved all my collections into a TUL disc bound notebook and I’m loving it. My collections are divided up into five sections: reading, writing, buddy reads, manga/anime/drama, and notes. It’s so nice not having to worry about how a collection will be and where to find it. To the right is my sexy Foxy Fix @thefoxyfix Traveler’s Notebook. I have separate notebook inserts to help me organize my mommy and family life: real life bullet journal, book and nerd gear budget tracker, menu planner, and running lists of home/family supplies. Below is my Midori MD A5 squared notebook in a lovely notebook cover by @lunabluebags. I use this for personal journaling, but for this year I’ve set goals for personal care and I’m using it to track my progress. To the left of my journal is my Leuchtturm 1917 @leuchtturm1917 squared pages in an Anthracite cover. This is my favorite notebook for bullet journaling, but the Midori MD notebook is a close second. I use my LT1917 for my reading and writing life. I use it to set goals for writing my novel and reading. I also keep my current reads tracker and my dailies in there. 


Seems like a lot, but this suits my personality so well. Different parts of me need different spaces, so I love having different notebooks that suit those parts of me. 


Wooden bookmark from @riddlesteashoppe.

To do planner stickers from @paperkumaco.

Tap the rest for details!


I’ve had some interest expressed in a flip through for my TUL disc bound to see the sections. Would that be something you’d all like to see on my InstaStory? Who else is a notebook/bullet journal addict?


#planwithmechallenge Hi! 🙋🏽 


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