Reading Habits 

Okay. So when I took this picture I kind of didn’t realize that I should’ve posted it sooner rather then later because WHOA it’s February already! Where has the time gone? .

If you check my previous post, you’ll see that This Savage Song was part of my January Wrap-up. You can see mini-reviews of other books I finished in January by scrolling down to the previous post. 


So let’s talk about what kind of reader you are. One of my daily habits I want to keep up is to read for at least 20 minutes a day. To help me stay on track, I’ve created this current reads tracker. It’s helped me so much by helping me see my reading progress on my books. I also update my Goodreads status to also keep me accountable. Also, since I read multiple books at a time, I can see which ones have grabbed my attention and which ones need more of it. 


How do you guys track your reading? What are some reading goals you’ve set for yourself?


I stayed up way too late watching a Korean drama Playful Kiss and then accidentally finished reading Son of Neptune. I’m listening to SON with my kids, but I wanted to see how much we had left and accidentally read the rest of it. 😅 How’s your Wednesday going so far? 


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