Bullet Journal Layouts: Current Reads Tracker and Genre Tracker

Not quite a wrap-up yet, but a good representation of what I’ve been up to during my absence. (See previous post.) Earlier this month, I moved my collections from my bullet journal in my Leuchtturm 1917 @leuchtturm1917 into my TUL disc bound junior notebook and I LOVE IT. Featured here in my disc bound notebook is my genre tracker and in my LT197 is my current reads tracker..

The genre tracker doubles as a monthly record of books that I’ve read and also helps me be more mindful of the books I choose to read. As a writer, I firmly believe to get better at writing, you have to read, but I want to also read outside my preferred genre too. I used this last year and I’m continuing to use it this year. I can’t say that I’ve gotten better at reading with more breadth, but I’m trying!


My current reads tracker helps me reach my monthly reading goals. I set a goal to read 50 books this year. Each month I try to read at least 4 books and I try to read for 20 minutes each day. This worked out for me really well last year and I surpassed my reading goal of 24 books and read 70! This year, I’m adding another goal to read one book outside my preferred genre (which is YA Anything). This month’s selection is All the Light We Cannot See (Literary/Historical Fiction). 


So far, pictured here, I’ve finished Walk on Earth a Stranger and The Blade Itself. I’ll post more about them in my wrap-up post later, but I really enjoyed both. I’m currently reading Lady Midnight and The Sun is Also a Star too. 


Thank you again to everyone who commented or messaged me in my last post. I’m so lucky to have found this community. I had been caught up with family stuff and was unable to post for a while. I missed everyone, but it didn’t occur to me that I would be missed! Hahaha. Anyway, thank you again for caring. I appreciate it so much.


What have you been reading? Anyone else keep a reading journal? 


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