December subscription: Fantastic Beasts

So, I was unable to catch Fantastic Beasts in the theater, BUT I was thrilled to receive the December Fantastic Beasts! I don’t know how Alexis does it, but each post has been amazing and this one is no different! For a lettering enthusiast, is such a perfect monthly subscription. Fandom + gorgeous lettering = BIG HEART EYES each month! .

Each post includes a poster with a gorgeous lettered quote and this particular poster is breathtaking! I love this quote from the movie, but the illustrations of the eagle creatures are incredible! I also love that Alexis sometimes includes a little notebook in some of the posts and this one is inspired by Newt’s case. There’s so much detail in this notebook. The outside looks like Newt’s case and on the inside back cover are Newt’s scribbles for the titles of his book. 


Also included are two mini-prints of a quote (which I will put up on my inspiration board) and giggle water! I’m not sure what giggle water is, but it sounds fun! I also received this cute sticker of one of the creatures, but I’m not sure which one it is! 🙈 The button is another one of Alexis’s designs that you can wear to show your status as a Magizoologist. My favorite part of each post is the bookmark! My IIvermorny house is Thunderbird and as part of this post, if you replied in time, Alexis made sure you got your IIvermorny house bookmark! She’s amazing. On the back of the bookmark are the traits of Thunderbird: adventure and soul. I’ll post another close-up shot of these goodies later this week so you can see the amazing details.


I’m so excited for the January The theme is STAR WARS. I did get to see Rogue One and if I’m honest, I’m still trying to learn how to life after Rogue One. I can’t wait to see what Alexis has in store for us! Make sure to check out my girls Kori @_livelaughread and Allison @littlebookwormig for 10% off your first post!


First day back after break–it’s raining and I’m having a hard time staying awake. How’s your Monday so far?



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