Book Challenge: Favorite Design under a dust jacket 

For #grimdragon Favorite design under a dust jacket–I have to admit, I’ve never really looked at hardcovers before bookstagram and now it’s one of the first things I check. Maybe I haven’t really seen that many hardcovers, but this one is the most memorable to me! Trees are my life right now, mostly because trees play a big part in my WIP. .

For #lilbookishjanuary Sequel I’m looking forward to–I’m looking forward to a lot of sequels this year. I actually haven’t read this book and I’m eager to start it now that the second book came out last week. I’m also happy that it’s a duology so no more waiting! 


Any guesses as to which book this is? It’s Passenger by Alexandra Bracken! 😁 Who’s read it? No spoilers but I’d love to hear if you enjoyed it. 


My oldest son is getting braces this afternoon. He’ll be ten next week. I can’t believe we’re entering double digits. 😢 I can’t believe how fast time flies! I swear he was teething just a minute ago. 😳 



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