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In case you didn’t know, I’m a big stationery addict! Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, I think I’m just wired to go mad for all things paper and pens. 😍 😆Notebooks filled with grid lines? YESSS. Sheets of creamy paper for letter writing? YESSS. Pens! 😍 Don’t get me started on pens! .

Then you have the stationery that is so gorgeous that it’s almost too pretty to use! Nandini from @inkindia has such gorgeous stationery! Featured here are some cards, a notepad, and a gift card holder from @inkindia. The butterfly on my book is actually a gift tag. My background is also tissue-like paper from Nandini’s store. I love how everything is handmade. I highly recommend checking out Nandini’s profile for more of her stationery.


Thank you Nandini for the gifts!


This is also the perfect time to take care of this tag #5factsaboutme from the lovely Celeste @prettygeekery. If you don’t know Celeste, definitely check out her profile. She’s so creative! 


In addition to being a stationery addict, here are a few more facts about me:

✳️I have four kids. My oldest will be ten in a couple weeks and my youngest just turned three on New Year’s Day.

✳️I’m an aspiring writer. My current WIP is a YA fantasy.

✳️I used to be a middle school English teacher before becoming a stay-at-home.

✳️In addition to reading fiction, I also enjoy reading manga/graphic novels and watching anime and Korean dramas. (Current manga: Tsubaki-Chou Lonely Planet: Current anime: Yuri on Ice (forever); Current Kdrama: Goblin: The Lonely Guardian. 


How’d everyone’s weekend go? I can’t believe how fast this weekend has gone by! My older kids go back to school on Monday and we’re trying to get ready to go back, but it’s a struggle! 



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