Book Challenge: Holiday Haul 

Wow! Is this year really almost over?! I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone and we’re fast approaching the end of 2016! I’m so not ready! 😔 Even though I haven’t been posting, I’m really enjoying all the holiday and winter themed posts from you all! .

My haul this month is really small because I made a concerted effort not to focus on me and focus on my family. I bought two books this month (SERIOUSLY a record for me). I’ve been dying for a copy of The Night Circus and snatched it up at Target. Same with The Trials of Apollo. My kids are loving Rick Riordan and I have a feeling we’ll need this series soon.


I actually bought my personalized @markedbymary wooden bookmark a couple of months ago and it arrived in time for the holidays! It’s gorgeous! Check out Mary’s @markedbymary profile for more of her bookmarks. 


Last year, my stocking was empty and my kids were distressed about it. I told them it was because I already have everything I need. They still felt bad and tried to offer me some of their Christmas candy. 😁 So this year, Santa left my current favorite pens and some new washi tape in my stocking. My oldest boys were like, “Wow! Santa really knows what you like, mom!” 😂


How are you all doing? I’m three books shy of reaching my GR goal but I’m not going to sweat it. I had to reset my goal three times this year so I’m happy with how much I’ve read. 😁 Also, if I’m being honest, there’s this anime Yuri on Ice that owns me and I can’t stop watching. Men’s figure skating + cute boys in love= me, dead. Seriously if anyone else has watched this, comment below or DM me because I need more people to talk about the pure goodness of this show. ❤️⛸


#livelaughbemerryandbright Holiday Haul
#watermelanerdsdecember December Haul 



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