Book Tag: Chapter 7 

One of my #currentreads is The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. I finished reading the Percy Jackson series with my kids (a reread for me) a couple of weeks ago. They loved it so much that they were sad it ended. Introducing major series book hangover to my children has been a long awaited parenting goal of mine. Achievement unlocked! 💪🏼🏆😏.

So imagine how thrilled they were to learn that there was a follow up series! They were a little bummed that new characters were introduced but now they’re loving it. We listen to the audio and when I have to stop it, they get so bummed. I love it! Hahaha. 😂


The Lost Hero is a reread for me but I haven’t read the rest! Did you read this? Have you finished the series? I’d love to know if you enjoyed it, but no spoilers please! 


How is everyone? It’s the last week of school before winter break for my family so I’ve been trying to get all the shopping and holiday prepping done before the end of the week so it’s a little crazy. Plus, the weather has been so gloomy! For a SoCal native, it’s kind of nice but it’s messing with my book shoots! What are you up to? What are you reading? I missssssssss you all!

The #chapter7 tag is from the fabulous Loni @lonopia! Thank you for the tag! Make sure to check out Loni’s account! She’s so sweet! 


For #lilbookishdecember “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” 


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