Book Challenge: Unsung Heros 

For #livelaughbemerryandbright Unsung Heroes: When I saw this prompt, I instantly thought of Dean and Sam Winchester. I know they’re not technically book related, but seriously, they fit the prompt so perfectly. If you haven’t watched Supernatural, you should totally give it a chance! I actually started rewatching the show. I had stopped watching after season 4 and now I’m up to season 6! Featured is my Sam and Dean sticker from the September Supernatural


And to #staybookish, Harry Potter has a lot of unsung heroes! Luna Lovegood, Snape, and Cedric Diggory are some of my favorites. In a way, I think Newt Scamander is an unsung hero too!


For #yabestof2016 Fav #bookishmerch. Featured here is a handmade wand by my lovely friend Maëva @readinginhongkong. 


For #watermelanerdsdecember Cozy reads, ALL the Harry Potters!

For #squeakybookishlibrary, Books set during winter, okay, so this is a stretch, but whenever I think of books set in winter, I always think of the Great Hall and the feasts they have at Christmas time and also Christmas at the Burrow.


I’m SO glad it’s Friday! We finally decorated the tree! 😬 Our youngest is a few weeks shy of being 3 years old, so they were all able to “help”. I may have had to make adjustments to how they put on the ornaments (little kids like to put 23452 ornaments on one branch), but I love how it looks! The rest of the weekend will be decorating some more, wrapping gifts, and maybe some baking. 


What are you all up to? Something fun I hope! 


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