Book Challenge: Unreliable Narrator 

For #watermelanerdsdecember “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” Unreliable Narrator, Juliette from Shatter Me is one of the most unreliable narrators I’ve read in a long time. What I loved was how Tahereh Mafi portrayed Juliette’s unreliability through her journal. The style is so different then what I’d read before. It really takes a while to pick-up the voice, but if you persevere, the rest of the series is fantastic. Oh and of course WARNER. 😍


Also for #winterwonderlandbooks16 Rudolph, Books and Light. Okay. So, I tried something different with the fairy lights and put it under a scarf. I’m really liking the soft effect. The things we do #forbookstagram. 😄


A few days ago on my Insta-Story, I posted that I received a beautiful mug from Society 6. It was one of Evie’s designs “Fall into Books”. It’s gorgeous! But there wasn’t a note included, so I had no idea who it was from! It turns out it’s from Asma @oasisgirlmd! It was such a surprise and really brightened my day. Asma was one of the first big account bookstagrammers to talk to me when I joined the community a little over a year ago. I’m not going to lie, I died. Seriously. Asma has such a whimsical, bright, and gorgeous account. I was so surprised she responded! Since then she’s continued to encourage and inspire me and I’m so glad I found her. She’s so kind and thoughtful. If you haven’t checked out Asma’s @oasisgirlmd profile yet, you definitely should! For #yabestof2016: Celebrate: Shout out to a bookstagrammer!


I’m SO glad it’s Friday! What are your plans? We’re going to decorate the tree. (We’re always late doing this!) 


#shattermeseries #taherehmafi #warnerisbae #yadystopia


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