November Owlcrate Unboxing: Wonderland

I’m late for a very important unboxing! (Hahaha. See what I did there?😆) Wasn’t the November Owlcrate @owlcrate amazing? The theme was Wonderland and the team at Owlcrate did not disappoint!.

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a pretty big fan of @riddlesteashoppe! You can’t imagine how thrilled I was to hear there would be an item from @riddlesteashoppe. If you saw my previous post, then you know how much I enjoyed Wonderland Elixir! Aunjuli captured the spirit of Alice in Wonderland with this tea! 

There was also an Alice themed handcrafted bookmark from @authoredadornments. I love how much detail went into this bookmark! The Alice magnet was created by the fabulous @eviebookish with the quote “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” Such a great quote and the illustration is beautiful! We also received an exclusive Owlcrate button that mirrored the postcard theme of Alice falling through the hole. Fear not, friends! I will post a close-up of these lovely items. They’re just too good not to share again!


We also received the original Alice in Wonderland story from @rockpaperbooks. I love it! Included was a matching bookmark by Risa Rodil @risarodil. She’s such an amazing artist! 


Friends, I pretty much lost my mind when I saw this special edition of Heartless by Marissa Meyer in my Owlcrate! 😱 It is one of my most anticipated releases this year and the special dust jacket is 😍! I’m taking my time with it because the feels! My heart is breaking for Catherine because I actually really like her character and I’m afraid to see what has caused her to turn into the rampaging Queen of Hearts. 


I don’t know how Korrina does it! I’ve been a subscriber for over a year now and each month is amazing! Thank you for another amazing Owlcrate! The December theme is EPIC! I can’t wait to see what this month’s book is and what LOTR themed item we’ll get! Check out my girls Celeste @prettygeekery, Kori @_livelaughread, and Kels @acciobooksncoffee for a 10% discount on your first Owlcrate!


How’s everyone’s Friday? We finally got our Christmas tree! Yay! 🙌🏽 But baby girl has come down with a fever! Boo! 😟 



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