Book Challenge: Sappy Books and Multiple Copies

During my first year teaching, which was a million years ago, it was a tough year not only because it was my first year teaching, but my father passed away too. Long story short, I discovered Jane Austen to help cope with the hard times. It was the holidays and the Pride and Prejudice BBC mini-series was on TV and I wanted to read the book for myself to see how it compared. I was thrilled to discover it was fantastic! Persuasion and Northanger Abbey tie for a close second and Sense and Sensibility is third. .

Since then, Jane Austen’s books are the only ones I have multiple copies of! This set here is one I found at Costco years ago by Worth Press Publishing. They’re gorgeous folio editions with equally beautiful endpapers. It’s been a while since I featured these and since Jane Austen is perfect for the holidays, I’ll feature them again. 


I don’t know if Jane Austen would be considered sappy. I suppose you could say they are because there’s always a happy ending, but these books are so much more! Witty dialogue, sparkling characters, and swoon worthy heroes—okay, so they do sound a bit sappy, but it’s so worth the read!


Book Challenge:

#grimdragon Sappy Books

#squeakybookishlibrary Multiple Copies 


This lovely Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth print was from the November Classic Books theme! Gorgeous, right? Alexis @dropandgivemenerdy is amazing.



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