Book Challenge: Emotional Rollercoaster

For:#squeakybookishlibrary “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” Hit you hard 

#watermelanerdsdecember “I am half agony, half hope.” Emotional rollercoaster

#yabestof2016 Epic book series


Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom were such emotional rollercoasters and and an epic series! I have to admit that I enjoyed this more than the Grisha series. Don’t get me wrong, the Grisha series was fantastic and I loved Leigh Bardugo’s world building of Ravka and the Small Sciences, but I loved the gritty, cut-throat setting of Ketterdam and the Dregs. I love stories where there’s an underdog rising to the top. Even better if that underdog is an anti-hero like Kaz Brekker. I also got a little emotional—read fangirling—when Kaz met with some characters from the Grisha series especially *AHEM* YOU KNOW WHO. I don’t want to give spoilers away, but when two baes meet against all odds, it’s pretty much 😯😳😱😭😍🙌🏽. I love Leigh Bardugo for making my Grisha fangirl dreams come true.  


Also for  

#livelaughbemerryandbright “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” Red and green books 

#grimdragon “It’s time!” Green books


I’m already so behind on the December challenges! 😩 You all are amazing with your holiday themed photos! I ventured out to Michael’s today because the extent of my bookstagram winter holiday props were what you see here and I decided I needed to pick up a few things. Friends, I barely escaped with my life! 😫 Michael’s during the holidays is bananas because everyone is just running down the aisles with their carts while throwing all the things in them as if its the zombie apocalypse. Okay. So I might be slightly exaggerating, but my feelings are real and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I don’t want to go back there (for the rest of the month) because I like to bookstagram prop shop with no pressure or else I end up doing the shove-all-the-things-in-the-cart move and then there’s major guilt for getting things I don’t need like floral foam because it was right there.


And then I realized that I actually have tons of Christmas decorations for, you know, Christmas. Which could also be used as props. So, 🙄.


 I hope you guys are having a fantastic Friday! 😊


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