Giveaway Win: Mist &a Whispers by CM Lucas

A couple of months ago I won a giveaway hosted by the wonderful Christine @weereader. I had seen Mist & Whispers by CM Lucas @clairemarielucas on bookstagram and was happy to have the opportunity to read it and imagine how I felt when I won Christine’s giveaway! I’m so excited to read this especially with the second book coming out next year!.

Here’s the Goodreads summary:
Imagine a world in eternal darkness. A world where skeletal beasts lurk in the forest. Where the women are missing, and the men are in need of salvation… 
In the West-English town of Little Wolf Green, Scott’s bookshop is about to close down. Convinced the bookshop holds the key to her mother’s identity, sixteen year old Anya Piddling vows to save Scott’s, whatever the cost.

When four books of magic and myth take the world by storm, Anya begins a journey to discover the truth about the author, known only as the Weaver. Followed closely by her friends, and one surly, bitter ex-boyfriend, Anya soon realises a whole new world awaits: a world gone very wrong, with maddening whispers in the forest, magical winged Kings and a dragon-boy that understands her, inside and out. But this world needs a saviour… and everyone is looking at her.


Sounds amazing, right?! Thank you so much, Christine! I’m looking forward to reading your book Claire! 


For #livelaughbooksnovember, Favorite Fictional World (RIP CS Lewis), I love fantasy worlds, but I also enjoy when an author is able to blur the lines of modern times with a fantasy element like JK Rowling, Laini Taylor, and VE Schwab. I’m eager to see how it’s done in Mist & Whispers!


For #mugglelibrarycandlesnov, Dragons, I’m not sure if there’s an actual dragon in Mist & Whispers, but a dragon-boy is close enough, right? ☺️


Thank you again Christine @weereader! Friends, if you’re not following Christine yet, definitely check out her feed! She’s so sweet and has a wonderful profile.


How’s everyone doing? I’ve been enjoying time with the family and catching up on some reading. I just finished Crooked Kingdom and I can’t even life right now! 😭😭😭


#mistandwhispers #cmlucas #oftomes #fantasy #yafantasy #weereader 


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