Book Challenge: Childhood books I’m Thankful for

For #livelaughbooksnovember Childhood Favorites and I’m thankful for! and#lilbookishnovember Books that I’m thankful for! .

I don’t remember all the books I read when I was a kid, but I’m very fond of these two books. We didn’t have a lot of books in my house, so when I was able to get my hands on some, it was a big deal. In third grade, my teacher gifted all the girls in my class their very own copy of Madeline. It was the best and most memorable gift I’d ever gotten. My very own book! When I was in fourth grade, my teacher had my fellow classmates read poems from Where the Sidewalk Ends. We sat in the library and one of them read Hungry Mungry, another read Sick, and one other read Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout would not take the garbage out! I must’ve talked about it so much and begged my mom to get me a copy because she did! (Not a common occurrence because books were expensive.) Featured here are the actual copies of the books from my childhood.


I’m thankful for those teachers who inspired and encouraged my love for reading. I hope to pass this life long love for reading on to my children too. 


I can’t believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Are you ready? I’m not making dinner, but we’ll be spending it with family. It’s a potluck affair and it’s all mostly Filipino food! 😆 I love it! There’s always so much food and spending time with family is always good! How do you guys celebrate Thanksgiving?


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