Book Challenge: The game is afoot! Sherlock Holmes

For #novemberbdaychallenge Watson, the game is a foot! Sherlock Holmes, I love the stories of Sherlock Holmes. I’m working my way through volume 1 of this Barnes & Nobles edition. It’s taking me a while because the writing is a bit dense, but I’m enjoying the stories overall. I also enjoy Sherlock Holmes inspired stories too. I enjoyed A Study in Charlotte and can’t wait to start Jackaby and the Enola Holmes series too! I’m also trying to introduce my kids to Sherlock Holmes with Babylit’s @babylitbooks Sherlock Holme’s Sounds Primer and the Children’s Illustrated Classics as well. 😁.

Featured also is my Sherlock wand hand made by my dear friend Maeva @readinginhongkong. I love it! My #booktwin Amy @ladyofthelibrary has the companion Watson wand! Both of these ladies are wonderful and you should definitely check out their accounts.


Anyone eager for the new Sherlock season in January? I can’t wait!


How was your weekend? I’ve been spending time with family especially now that they’re all on Thanksgiving break. It’s been overcast and rainy here too, yay!, but it also means picture taking is no bueno. 😔 Tonight is also date night and we’re planning to see Fantastic Beasts! Hope you’re all having a fantastic Monday! 


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3 thoughts on “Book Challenge: The game is afoot! Sherlock Holmes

    1. Jennifer F. Santucci Post author

      I enjoyed A Study in Charlotte especially the gender swap of the characters. I think the author did a pretty good job capturing the essential traits of the characters considering they’re teenagers.

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