Book Challenge: Favorite Fictional Worlds  

For #inkinthebooknovember Describe your or your favorite fictional world: You all know me! I have a hard time picking just one! For my favorite fictional worlds, I love Middle Earth, Hogwarts, the Seven Kingdoms in Graceling, Red London, and Thisby Island. What I love about each of these worlds is the attention to detail the authors have put into the land formation, the customs, the traditions, architecture, language, and magical systems. When all of these details blend seamlessly into a story, it’s quite easy to be immersed in another world. I love feeling like I’m living in the story! If you’ve read any of these books, then you know what I’m talking about! If not, I highly recommend all of these titles for a spectacular treat in going to another place for just a little while. .

For my WIP, my fictional world is an island nation where spiritual magic exists in the forests and mountains. The customs and beliefs are inspired by ancient Filipino culture.


#mugglelibrarycandlesnov Fall Colors! I couldn’t resist including my Fall mask from Venice, Italy! I wish I had the photograpy skills to do this piece justice! Also, those acorns? They were strange. The felt tops were static clingy, so they kept wanting to stand when I needed them to lay flat!


How’s everyone doing? Tomorrow is a holiday, Veteran’s Day, so my husband and older boys have no school. It will be nice to spend extra time with family after the long week we had. 


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