There is still hope. 

I’m taking a moment out of my regular posting challenges to put this here. It’s a picture I posted a couple months back for a journal inspiration prompt. I had said that I find inspiration in my family and in books. Whether it’s writing my WIP or for personal journaling, I am surrounded by the best kind of inspiration—love, light, and laughter. .

I’m also reposting this picture as a reminder that despite the event of Tuesday’s election, me and my family will continue to love and be kind to each other and our friends and family. We will continue to be grateful for the opportunities living in America provides us. We will continue to stand up for others who have been mistreated or bullied. We will continue.


I am a WOC. I am in an interracial marriage. I have biracial children. If you can see beyond these characteristics, there is hope. If you can acknowledge these are parts of my identity and not just the only parts of me, there is hope. If you are concerned about what may happen to me or my family in the coming four years, there is hope. If you can acknowledge my fears that my children might grow up feeling like their voices don’t matter, there is hope. If there is even a small part of you that’s beginning to understand that this is not about who lost and who won, but genuine fear and not hate, then there is hope.


Thank you to my international friends who have posted supportive and positive words. It’s extremely heartwarming to see people outside of America show their support: @beautiful.bibliophile @littlebookwormig @owlcrate @emdawgreads @weereader @readinginhongkong @eliza2ndaccount. (I’m sorry if I missed anyone. I have actually been staying off social media today, so I haven’t been as active to see everyone’s posts yet.) And to my friends here in the US, there is still hope!


And to my friend @iam.caryn, thank you for creating this tag #iamhereforthebooks to show solidarity in our book community during this time. I won’t say more about this and will resume my posts about books, notebooks, and writing soon.


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