Bullet Journal Challenge: Everday and Tracking

One of my go-to layouts in my #writersbulletjournal is my #currentreads tracker. My daily goal for reading is to read at least twenty minutes a day. My monthly goal is to read 3-4 books a month. My goal for the year was 24 books. I started using this layout in January and I actually surpassed my goals in April! 🙌🏽 I never thought I’d get to read this much! I’m a stay-at-home and an aspiring writer, but reading has always been important to me. It benefits me both as a person and a writer, so I made a commitment to myself to read daily. I’ll admit, sometimes I meet just the twenty minutes. Sometimes I don’t and sometimes I go way past twenty minutes. .

There’s another part to my reading tracker that’s not featured and it’s called my Genre Tracker. In addition to reading every day, I also wanted to make sure that I read outside my comfort zone. I listed all the genres that I wanted to try this year and each month, I target a genre that I want to tackle. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t accomplished this goal. 😅Fantasy, I can’t quit you! 😩


For writing, I’m not doing Nano, but instead I’m dedicating this month to rereading my draft to build up momentum again for the ending. I got close to the ending a couple of months ago (65k+ words), but I got discouraged because the story was going in a direction I had not imagined. For a planner girl like me, it was really hard coming to terms with the fact that I just had to let the story tell itself. So, this month my goal is to read 5 chapters a week of my WIP. I wrote on my WIP calendar which chapters I should be reading each week. Then I just mark on the day which chapter was read and make notes in my revision notebook.


Featured also are my #currentreads at the moment. I’m enjoying this TBR SO much and having a blast buddy reading with Vicky @zoetzure, Natasha @shotmeinthebook and Syd @deertales!


Interested in seeing more examples of my reading tracker? Check out my tag #jennfscurrentreadstracker. 


#planwithmechallenge Everyday and Tracking 


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