Book Challenge: Emotional Rollercoaster

I’m not sure how I’m going to survive this book. I should be finished with it by now, but I can’t handle the feels. Lady Catherine Pinkerton, or Cath to her friends is sweet and endearing. She just wants to open a bakery with her best friend Mary Ann who also happens to be her maid. Cath is so caught up in her dreams that she doesn’t realize her mother, the Marchioness, has maneuvered her daughter to become the next Queen. With the real possibility of the King proposing and losing her dream to open a bakery, things get even more complicated when the King’s new Court Joker, Jest, arrives. He’s mysterious, handsome, and his tricks are quite entertaining! .

For #grimdragon Emotional Rollercoasters: THIS BOOK! 😩


#watermelanerdsnovember page 3, line 9, word 4: From Heartless: THUMP


#novemberbdaychallenge Disney love or favorite character: Cath is becoming one of my favorite characters! It’s making me want to read Alice in Wonderland. I actually haven’t read it. 🙈 I only know the Disney version of the Queen of Hearts and I’m having a hard time reconciling this Cath for the Queen of Hearts.


#disneypotterchallenge Kiss, Kill, Marry-Disney characters: Kiss: Flynn Ryder (I love his personality!); Marry: The Beast (But his library though!); Kill: Prince Hans (How dare he!)


#livelaughbooksnovember Currently reading Heartless and I’m going to be reading it forever because my feelings are refusing to go through anymore heartbreak.


#lilbookishnovember Fairytales: Heartless is the most anticipated retelling fairy tale this year! 


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