Nano/Book Challenge: Author/Book that inspired you 

Friends. This book. THIS BOOK. It’s going down as one of my favorites of 2016. I knew I’d enjoy it because Maggie Steifvater @maggie_stiefvater, but I’d forgotten how much she owns me with her words. I loved The Raven Cycle, but this little story just had that magical quality like TRC, but a little something more too..

For #inkinthebooknovember Book/Author who inspires you, THIS. Just wow. You know how TRC had that voice—a bit knowing with a dash of dry humor and a pinch of the magic of Glendower? Absolutely loved that voice. It was like listening to an old friend over a cup of tea. This one was a little more intimate, a little more humble with a heaping dose of the magic of the island of Thisby and its mythical sea horse creatures, the cappal usice. This voice was haunting—she was that storyteller in your family that always had you sitting up in your seat, unblinking and when it was over, that magic stayed with you for a few days. If you can’t tell, I adored this book! I also admire Maggie Stiefvater’s skill at weaving real life with myth, making for a magical world that leaves the reader wishing for a bit of that magic in their life. (Not going to lie, I did wish I lived on a ley line after reading TRC and after reading this, I wished for a cappal usice to come out of the sea, but it would probably kill me.) 


For #lilbookishnovember Fancy Fonts, I had to include this Raven Boys inspired bookmark from a previous Owlcrate @owlcrate. (I believe it was designed by @eviebookish.) It has the quote about Blue Sargent: “She wasn’t interested in telling other people’s futures. She was interested in going out and finding her own.” I think this quote also describes Puck Connelly so well too! 


If you’ve been thinking about reading this, move it up your TBR! It’s also the perfect time to read it because the Scorpio races are in November! Perfect for this time of year.

#bookandcandle #maggiestiefvater #thescorpioraces #seankendrickisbae #puckandsean #yafantasy #scholasticinc #owlcrate #eviebookish


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